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Case Study: Web Form

In 2020, I helped a top U.S. investment bank generate new customer leads by updating the Talk to an Advisor form on their website.

The Challenge: This U.S. investment bank was looking to simplify the experience of completing the web form to schedule a call with a financial advisor, a major source of lead generation for new customers. They requested that we reduce the number of choices the user needed to make, add copy highlighting popular reasons to start investing such as retirement and education funds and make the minimum account deposit required more prominent so as to only attract customers who were eligible for the service.

My Role: A/B or multivariate testing were not possible at this time due to technical constraints, so as the Brand Content Strategist, I worked with our database of past test results to identify relevant high-performing language and wrote copy for a new version of the form. I collaborated with the client's marketing team to decide which improvements could be made to the webpage now and which would need to wait for future testing (such as language appealing to particular demographics) and then with their legal team to ensure all claims made were accurate and legally compliant.



Web form before.jpg
Web form after.jpg

My Approach: The original webpage assumed a level of industry knowledge that we did not want to assume users had, especially as the client was trying to attract new investors. So rather than front-loading terms like "market volatility" and asking users to specify what help they needed, my new version moves the technical language lower in the information architecture and leads with reassurance.


Instead of asking users what they're looking for, the new page instructs them on what a financial advisor can do and how to get started working with one. Finally, by moving the legal caveat of investable assets required into the main text rather than a footnote, this new version increases comprehension of what a user needs to be eligible, saving them time if they're not.

The Outcome: Due to technical constraints, we were unable to A/B test the two versions directly, but the client was very satisfied with the outcome, finding that the new version increased appointment sign-ups and was better aligned with their brand voice.

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