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Shooting in the Dark

Photos by Natalie Sacks



In October 2002, ten people were killed and three others critically injured in a series of completely random sniper attacks across the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. Twelve years later, five friends who have just graduated from university and moved to DC revisit those memories of tragedy as they encounter a series of mysterious crimes, from someone stuffing anonymous, threatening notes into their mailbox to one of them witnessing the shooting of a stranger directly in front of her. What can you do when you realise violence is all around you and there is no way to stop it?


Length: 60 minutes

Characters: 5 (4F, 1M)



Queen Mary Theatre Company, March 3, 2013 at the Pinter Studio, London, UK

Read Shooting in the Dark on the New Play Exchange!


Watch the recording of the 2013 production below.

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