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Case Study: Mobile App Onboarding

In 2023, I helped a telehealth app revamp their onboarding screens to improve user experience and the account creation rate.

The Challenge: Our Product Management team came to both the Marketing and Product Design teams with a request: redesign the app onboarding experience to carry marketing design and branding through into the app, increasing customer delight as we did so. The look and feel of the marketing website and the app had diverged over time, while the app account creation process also contained relics from earlier versions of the app such as confusing and redundant terms and conditions agreements.

My Role: As the UX writer on the project, I worked with designers on both the Product and Marketing teams to come up with concepts for new splash screens, wrote the copy for them, and then clarified and injected more personality into the functional account creation screens.



My Approach: The one element of the app introduction that was immediately missing to me from a branding perspective was a series of splash screens to remind and reinforce to the user what the app can do for them. My first priority was to bring the core messages of our user acquisition marketing into a few short pieces of copy that could also be designed in the style of our marketing website.

When it came to the rest of the account creation flow, my goal was to make the process feel like less work. That involved adding quick moments of encouragement and connection with the user like "Let's get you set up" and "Got it?" as well as condensing screens (like entering your email address and password) to make the whole onboarding experience feel less arduous. 

I also consulted with our Product Manager and legal team on which policies and terms users needed to agree to and when, in order to reduce user confusion. We ultimately moved some of the disclosures out of the account creation flow and further into the app experience when they become more relevant.

The Outcome: The new account creation experience is not yet live in the app, but our engineers are hard at work building it!

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