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Invasive Species


Photo by Natalie Sacks



Imagine a world in which a "super-GMO" designed to solve world hunger—fast-growing, extremely durable, and requiring almost nothing to survive—has gone completely out-of-control, overtaking the Earth and driving the human race almost entirely extinct. Paul and Magdalena are a late-twenties couple living in Bushwick, Brooklyn, who along with their upstairs neighbor Jaz are each fighting to remake the world as they see best, with very different ideas of what that should look like.


Length: 60 minutes

Characters: 3 (2F, 1M)


Staged Readings: 

Benchmark Theatre, October 27, 2019 at Benchmark Theatre, Lakewood, CO


Turn to Flesh Productions, June 28, 2018 at The Sheen Center, New York, NY


Fever Dream Festival Brings a Marathon of Horror, Fantasy and Sci-Fi to the Stage, 303 Magazine, October 24, 2019


The Proteus Project: Invasive Species by Natalie Sacks, Turn to Flesh Productions Blog, June 26, 2018

Read Invasive Species on the New Play Exchange!

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