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NATALIE SACKS is a UX writer with a knack for capturing different brand voices and producing clear yet engaging copy. She has written for websites and for apps, for organic social media and for paid media, for retail and for financial services, for startups and for Fortune 500 companies.

Natalie is currently a Copywriter at Thirty Madison, where she uses her copy powers to help people with ongoing health conditions find the specialist care they need. Previously, she spent five years as a Brand Content Strategist at Persado, working with top American financial services institutions, insurance companies, fashion retailers and more to optimize their digital (and sometimes physical) communications across every step of the customer journey.

Natalie thinks big but pays attention to the smallest details in her writing, and she's committed to improving user experiences everywhere. 


NATALIE SACKS is a Brooklyn-based playwright specializing in historical and sci-fi theater. Her play, THE YOUNG LADIES OF THE CLASS OF 1902 OF WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY PRESENT, "AS YOU LIKE IT," is a finalist for American Shakespeare Center's (indefinitely postponed) Shakespeare's New Contemporaries competition. Other plays include INVASIVE SPECIES (Benchmark Theatre), HEY SEXY: AN ENVIRONMENTAL PARABLE (The Bechdel Group), UNTIL WE GET IT RIGHT (semifinalist, Detroit New Works Festival), SHOOTING IN THE DARK (Queen Mary Theatre Company), 50 METERS (The Rude Mechanicals), THE QUEEN OF IRELAND (Turn to Flesh Productions), LOVING GRANDMA JEAN (The Bechdel Group), and SUSCEPTIBLE TO FIRE (The Dirty Blondes). Natalie is an inaugural member of the Playground-NY Writers Pool.



Natalie Sacks was a theater reviewer for the online entertainment magazine from 2014 to 2017. During this time, she reviewed over 100 New York theater productions from Broadway to Brooklyn, with a particular focus on indie and feminist theater. These reviews, plus a few other pieces of criticism, are now archived on this website. For Natalie’s more recent theater takes, follow her on Twitter.



Please note that Natalie no longer actively reviews shows.

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