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Case Study: Web Landing Page

In 2022, I helped a leading telehealth business significantly improve their conversion rate from paid media advertisements by revamping their landing page.

The Challenge: This telehealth brand changed their pricing model and started accepting insurance, which changed the way they had to market themselves to focus on the value of medical care instead of just direct-to-consumer medication sales. The marketing team quickly threw together an initial landing page for paid media traffic, but they knew it wasn't the best way to represent the business, so they wanted to create a new version. 

My Role: As the brand's copywriter, I worked with the marketing and design teams to collect their ideas of what would make a more effective landing page, developed the content hierarchy of the page, wrote all of the new copy, and collaborated with the graphic designer on the overall design. Because of technical limitations, only a simple A/B test was possible, so we pulled together all of our various copy and design best practices for the new version of the page.



landing page before.png
landing page after.png

My Approach: What the team really wanted to accomplish with the new landing page was to explain what an "online migraine clinic" actually is. From that goal, I created the new "What You Get as a Cove Patient" section, focusing clearly on customer benefits rather than leading with logistics (as in "How Cove Works").


Another major point of improvement was the CTAs. In the old version of the webpage, most clicks were actually on the secondary CTA "See all medications offered," which took the user to a completely different flow. Acknowledging that users need to see the medications offered before deciding to move forward with care, I decided to make that CTA more prominent, but instead of leading away from the landing page, I included the medication information further down on this page, and simply had the medications CTA jump down to it. This way, the user could find out what they wanted to know without leaving the main user journey.


Other smaller changes to the page included adding more directional language throughout and including statistics​ on the effectiveness of the treatments offered.

The Outcome: The new landing page generated a 151.8% lift in leads, a 225.4% lift in customers acquired, and a 56.8% decrease in Cost Per Acquisition compared to the previous version of the page, as well as better aligning with the business goal of focusing on the value of ongoing medical care.

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