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Case Study: Web Checkout Page

In 2022, I helped a telehealth brand increase the completion rate of a mandatory medical form by rethinking the purchase confirmation page.

The Challenge: To be prescribed medication online, a customer needs to go through a medical consultation of some kind that can be reviewed and approved by a medical provider. For this telehealth brand, the consultation process is an online form that needs to be filled out after completing their purchase before their order can be approved and sent, but some customers never completed the form (and in many cases then asked for a refund).

My Role: As the UX Writer, I worked with the Product Team to redesign the purchase confirmation screen to more clearly indicate this was not the final step of the customer journey. They had already decided to remove the bulk buy upsell information from this page since uptake was low and the information could be distracting customers from the necessary action of completing the consultation. My role was to determine what else should or shouldn't be on the page.



My Approach: After taking a deep look at what information the customer actually needs to have to complete this step and what details they have already been exposed to earlier in the purchase journey, I stripped this page back to the essentials: what the user needs to do to get what they want and how long it will take. I also removed any "thank you" language that may have misled customers into thinking they were done, and changed the CTA from "Start Consultation," which set the expectation that they were starting something new that could take significant work, to "Continue."

The Outcome: The new version of the purchase confirmation/start consultation page generated an 8.5% increase in consultation starts, and while the removal of the bulk buy option did slightly decrease average order value, the overall revenue effect was still positive as customers need to complete the consultation in order to be charged for future refills.

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