Case Study: Facebook Ad

In 2022, I helped a leading telehealth business find an effective advertising concept for their new supplement product.

The Challenge: This telehealth brand launched a new line​ of supplement products, including a hydration supplement, but their initial advertising concepts weren't finding much traction on Facebook. One video ad received some traffic, but at a much higher Cost Per Acquisition than desired. After seeing some success from "texting" themed Facebook ads for another product, the marketing team requested that we try it for the hydration supplement.

My Role: As the brand's copywriter, I developed several different concepts for texting conversations to include in the image copy, and wrote each individual ad. The marketing team decided to leave the post text and headline identical across all the ads to cleanly test the efficacy of the new image copy.



fb before.png
fb after.png

My Approach: The idea for the ads was to imagine a current customer recommending the product to one of their friends—how would a loyal customer describe the product and convince someone else to use it? But the text also needed to be entertaining enough to appeal to casual Facebook scrollers, and ideally to generate conversation in the comments. I chose to have all the conversations focus not on the overwhelming pain of migraine, but on the small indignities associated with taking care of it, and the winning concept definitely hit a nerve.

The Outcome: The winning Facebook ad generated a 563.7% lift in purchases and a 84.9% decrease in Cost Per Acquisition compared to the previous winner. It was an effective enough ad that the marketing team was able to scale up traffic significantly.