Case Study: Acquisition Email

In 2019, I helped a Fortune 100 insurance provider increase quotes generated by optimizing and personalizing an email sent to their winback audience.

The Challenge: With American consumers frequently switching home and auto insurance providers to find the best rate, winback audiences can be a major source of customer acquisition. Yet despite all of the data they had available about their former customers, our client's winback email series was no more specific than a general acquisition email, and they wanted our help customizing it.

My Role: As the Brand Content Strategist, I worked with Persado’s proprietary optimization technology to design a multivariate test that determined the most impactful language across the subject line and email body. As this was a new client, I referenced results from past insurance email tests to write the copy for each version while also collaborating with the client's brand and marketing teams to ensure the language was uniquely on brand.


winback before.jpg


winback email after.jpg

My Approach: In the email subject line test, I added name personalization and focused on including more specific language about the potential savings to generate interest in the email, instead of the vagueness of the original message. The element of personalization continued into the email body, where I included language like "welcome back" to remind the user of the preexisting relationship they had with the insurance provider.

The Outcome: The winning email variant generated a 188% click lift and a 151% quote lift over the original message while providing a more intimate and tailored experience for the users.